Staying Down Is Not An Option.

Giving in to something that you don’t approve of is never an option (especially with me) and particularly when you know you can fight it off. At some point of time, giving up might feel like the easy thing to do, but it is not the possible one, surely.

Tell you what: it is always better to endure the hardships and achieve what you actually want, than accept defeat and settle for anything less than the best. 🙂 In the end, it all comes down to what you have at hand, so why compromise about stuff you know will get better?

How true, isn’t it? You know, often all the answers we’re looking for are available around us, but with our prejudiced mindsets, we just can’t see them. I guess this where ‘indifference’ came from. 😉

Time doesn’t stop.The wheel in the sky just keeps on turning, even when you wish with all your might it just stops. It doesn’t.

Oh well, no problems there. The inevitability of life and pain does sink in eventually. Which is when you should realize that if you let go of fighting it, you might just end up losing everything; probably even yourself somewhere in the midst of all that.

Life the problem I’m facing: EXAMS. 😀 Wish me luck!





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