What Is And What Should Never Be

There’s just no contest between the present and what could have been. The ‘present of our dreams’ is a place that suits the subconscious well–not the real life. You see, dreams do good only when they alter the path of the future–not when they threaten to tear up the present.

See here, the point I’m making is that never regret what you now have at hand. Never demand for an alternate present, because everything comes with a price. It is a win-lose scene, where you just have to sort of give a major part in return for very little.

In pursuit of the present you always wanted, you might end up losing all that you ever had. Don’t do that. It leaves you with nothing, in the end.

Yeah, I know, sounds way off the mark (even for me), but sometimes, fear and pain are better to endure than the makeshift love and comfort. That’s what I feel.

Don’t know why, but after Tyler’s death–I guess I woke up to the harsh realities I didn’t notice earlier.

Life can make you experience everything–good, bad, pleasant, unpleasant–Everything. And you got to live through it.


2 thoughts on “What Is And What Should Never Be

  1. Most definitely! Everything is given to you for a reason. Good or bad, you are only given what you can handle. Good or bad, whatever happens to you will only ever result in good unless you yourself make choices to mess it up.

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