Another Day For The Foolish To Have Fun

It’s so damn unfair that all the idiots are the ones who get to enjoy February 14th. By ‘idiots’ here, I refer to the all the people out there who have assumed that their current catch (regardless of how downright, flat-out brainless he/she might be) is the one who is going to stay with them forever.

I mean, seriously?! How are you so sure about it? What about tomorrow, or day after that, when the person you thought would stay with you forever, just walks out on you? What about then?

I’ll tell you what: pining, weeping, hurling things in every direction and of course, a broken heart.

You know, it’s not always your fault that the one you love (or you think you love) leaves you halfway. Hell, it might not be theirs, either. Sometimes it’s all about, what’s the word, fate? Destiny? God’s plan? Whatever.

I just don’t get that stuff, you know. And honestly? I don’t want to understand all the stupid twists and turns that our lives take, without any earlier warning. I mean, come on! A little warning would be good, right? 😉

I think this might be the last post of mine before March 15th, because the exams are getting nearer, and distracted as I am by Supernatural, I need to bury myself in the books 🙂

Well, even though I don’t mean it very much, I’d still like to wish all the lovebirds a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got exams to prepare for. Wish me loads of luck, please? I need all the luck I can gather!






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