My Valentine Is Married, So. . . .

Yep, that’s correct. My New-York-City-sidewalk-in-July hot valentine is (unfortunately) married. And he lives in LA – which is what? Some thousand miles away?

Something tells me this Valentine’s Day isn’t going to be great fun. *Sigh*

But no problems there, as I always get to spend time with him when I’m watching Supernatural (like right now), and almost every other second in the day — because when I’m doing something else apart from studying for the finals, I tend to spontaneously burst out, ‘Oh my god! Jensen is so freaking HOT!!!!!!’

Yes, the capitalization and the hundred exclamation marks were totally required. He deserves them. Don’t you think? 😉

Okay, quit feasting your eyes over him. He’s already taken. First by his wife, and then by me 😉 I just don’t get it how someone as devilishly charming as him can be real. Furthermore, I hate the fact that I’m sixteen, and he’s thirty-three.

Life is so unfair.

Besides this truly, incredibly heart-breaking fact that Jensen Ackles is married, things have been pretty good around here. The exam prep is going well, mom and dad are trying to figure things out, and I’m sort of enjoying life. It’s a good thing that I’ve finally come out of all the less-pleasant stuff.

I like this song (picked up from Supernatural, obviously), and though it is a bit too slow for my liking, I think its great.

See you later, with a seriously cynical post on the hypocrisy of Valentine’s Day 🙂


Snigdha 🙂


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