That little speck of light in utter darkness – that’s what a lighthouse is about. But for me, my lighthouse is, well, my heart. No matter how ridiculously dark it might be (or how ungratifying the situation might get), it is always bright like a football stadium inside of me.

I guess it is always good to put a positive spin on even the worst things, right? 😉

I love this picture. Found in among the many old files that I never really look through. Pretty, isn’t it?

Things have been so annoying, I can’t begin to tell you. But whatever. It’s normal now, and that’s what matters. I know now that it is during stress that we realize what matters, and who will always be there with us.

I’m really happy, you know. Maybe because I sorted everything with Divija (and then had an hour-long talk about random stuff :D) The family front still isn’t okay, but I’m used to it. I cannot sort through my parents’ problems- that’s not my job. Believe me, I’ve tried everything I could to help them, but it is just not working.

All I can do is take care of my sister, because she is the one I’m most bothered about. That is my job, sure.

Hope you like this song. I’ll see you soon!





4 thoughts on “Lighthouse

  1. A.A says:

    I came across this site and i really like it it’s wonderfull….. Really enjoyed reading this cheered me up :D….site keep it up… Your very kind hearted taking care of your sister, your job 🙂

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