Eat me. No, no, no, wait! You actually might.

Oh no, I haven’t gone nuts or anything. The title is Dean Winchester’s dialogue from one of the Supernatural episode. And it is stuck in my head, because all through the day in school, me and Muskaan only discuss Dean & Sam Winchester.

We are–at least I am, and I’m sure Muskaan is, too–so deeply obsessed with the show (the boys, mainly), it is not even funny. But you know what? For me, I guess it is just a distraction. From what, most of you may already know.

I know I’m stretching this particular issue (the one I need to distract myself from) for longer than required, and trust me, it is so not my thing to weep around for more than a day after anything at all.

But I believe somethings are meant to change. Right?

Like me, of course. And some of my habits, too. Though 2011 flew by me without my knowledge, I remember how much I’ve changed. So much that now that I look at the mirror, I see a reflection of someone I’d always wanted to be, but never really got that kind of motivation to bring about that change.

And guess who provided me with just what I needed?

Tyler did.

Yeah, all right–I’ve kept shut about him since a lot of time now, but whatever. You can only beat up yourself so much.

I cannot take in it has been a whole month since he passed away. My Gmail inbox has been silent for a while now, except frantic messages from my friends and WordPress notifications.Which is very bad, if you were curious.

Hence, Supernatural came to my rescue. Not really, but it has proved to be an excellent distraction. A healthy one.

Since Avra likes Jensen Ackles (and for my own selfish reasons) here’s another proof of how incredibly breathtaking he happens to be:

Yeah, now quit staring at him. He’s already married to Daneel Harris. Heartbreaking, I know. Tell me about it.

Now I guess the post has been sufficiently long for me to leave. I’ll see you soon.





4 thoughts on “Eat me. No, no, no, wait! You actually might.

  1. Hey, I never said I liked him! Just that in that picture he was very beautiful. He does look nice here too, but I think I liked the other picture better. Because that one kind of made me do a double take. Which is why I commented on it. 😉

    Okay, now I need to go back and look at the other picture again.

    *does so*

    Yep. Definitely double-take-worthy!

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