Good byes are not my favorite.

I hate saying good-bye to people, especially when they’re the ones who matter. Surprisingly, I don’t like saying good-bye to years, too. Last year, I didn’t want 2010 to go, and now. . . . . well, I guess there’s a pattern beginning to form.

But you know what? No one likes them. Farewell, I mean. But as much as we dislike them, they are inevitable.

I don’t know if the world’s going to perish in 2012 or not, but if it does, I won’t have any regrets. I know I’ve done everything I could to be good to others and to myself. And if we get to live, hallelujah! There’s so much more still left to explore and experience.

The Annual Function is on Wednesday. Wish us luck! There’s so much riding on this event, and I really hope it goes well.

Of course, Merry Christmas to all!

Apparently, I’m staying home these holidays (and baking delicious cakes). Yes, I bake, I write, I dance and can speak deteriorated Spanish. Booyaaaaaaah!

Before I completely lose my mind, I must take your leave.

See ya soon!

– Snigdha ❤



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