Apology is magic in disguise, but so is LOVE.

Yep, you got that right: Love is magic. I said it, finally. Why? Because now I know how spectacular it is.

The thing about apology being the topic of discussion here is that today, after two tiring and mentally disturbing weeks of petty arguments, name-calling and hurting feelings, all of us are finally on good terms now in school. At least I am. The rest, I am sure, will not fight anymore if not be friends.

I’ve come to realize that, as Tyler used to say, no matter how much I might detest love, love will never detest me in return, for love is forgiveness. It teaches us to forget, to pardon, to relish and most importantly, gives us the power to bear the most gruesome pain, and overcome the hardest obstacles.

Not sure whether I agree with all of it, but yes, in some place in my heart, it’s not that bad anymore. I am skeptical about it, yes, but I don’t hate it now.

I guess it is the festivity in the air that’s wearing out on me. Everyone’s happy and excited about the new year approaching. . . I cannot resist it completely now, can I?

Life goes on, taking along the willing and dragging along the reluctant. I don’t know which side I am on, but I know that better things await in the future (because know I have a scintillating standard that the ‘good things’ need to match ;))

I’m quite happy, and I think I’m going to write Yours, Truly now. See you soon.



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