You’ll Be With Me. Forever. Right?

You’ll always stay with me, right? I know you will. I always feel it in my heart. Because in the end, there are some bonds that just cannot be broken.

I’m kind of normal now, even though I skipped school today (wasn’t feeling quite up to it). I went to tuition nevertheless, trying to be perfectly okay for my family’s sake. All the time I’ve been catatonic, they haven’t slept well either. Mom gets especially troubled when I’m upset, so just to give my old people some peace of mind, I’m keeping up with the charade.

Still cannot believe it. And honestly? I never will, no matter how much evidence is put in front of me. I may exhaust myself by crying during the nights (and on countless other random occasions), but I know he’ll always be with me.

See I’m not very good at handling things like this. I can handle the earthly, but when someone passes away, I just can’t take it. Especially when it is someone who means a lot.

It’s miraculous how a complete stranger can know you so well, inside and out, and transform you in the most impossible of ways (which you thought were never possible). The jokes, the taunts, the scolding, the praises–I could die a thousand times and never get to experience something like that again. Unless it’s the same person.

Unfortunately, good things just do not last forever, even if such a thing does exist.

I promised myself I won’t shed a tear again in front of anyone, because my pain is my own and I have no right to hurt someone else–which I’m trying my best to keep.

Wish me luck so that I can keep up. Please.

A good news: ‘Yours, Truly’ has reached a very interesting point, and I’m writing it when I get time. Excerpts coming soon!

Goodbye till then. Peace.

-Snigdha ❤





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