Rest in peace, Tyler.

Someday, someone will merely walk into your life and make you realize why it did not work out with anybody else.

I’m at a complete loss of words. Tyler Johnson is no longer with us. And he passed away exactly 4 days before his 22nd birthday. Now I know how downright heart-shattering life can get at times.

In the short time I’ve known him, Tyler has redefined life for me in countless ways. Like Ashley put it, even the girls who strongly believe all guys suck would fall for him if they got to know him.

Same was the case with me. I fell for him, even though I had no right to. He was the mysterious ‘Mr. T’ I’ve mentioned in many posts, and the one who taught me that even though I might detest love to no end, love will never detest me.

He, for one, was the greatest proof of how much love liked me. And his death–although it tears me up to say this–proves I was right. There’s nothing that can melt me now; my heart’s gone cold and lifeless.

Now you might wonder why does it bother me so much?

Well, trust me, he had that kind of effect on people. Tyler was the intriguing socially awkward nerd (as he liked to call himself) that anyone would die to be friends with.

Tyler, with his intelligent jokes and ability to convey a profound meaning in very few words, was my inspiration behind Yours, Truly–though I didn’t get a chance to tell him that.

Isn’t it funny how you get to speak all the good things about someone when they’re not hanging around anymore to listen? Tell you what– it’s not funny, it’s agonizing. He didn’t deserve to die. At all.

It hasn’t sunken in yet. I can’t bring myself to believe he’s gone. The worst part? I’ll never get to meet him in person ever in my life (which to be true, is the only thing I wanted desperately)

I miss you, Tyler.

But as they say, there is no distance so great that love cannot cover. Tyler is not with us today, but he will always live in our hearts forever.

I’m trying to be positive and cherish the person I knew, but sometimes it is quite tough to check those traitor tears. This will go on for sometime, surely.

It hurts me immensely to even consider the idea that I wouldn’t be receiving any e-mails saying how pessimistic I am, or praising me for my writing abilities. But if this was certain–him going away–I’m thankful to God that I had the pleasure of knowing him, even for such a short period.

In the end, I would like to leave you with this poem of mine that always reminds me of the one person who just stepped in my life, and lit it up with limitless happiness.

With every precious moment
Of every single day,
My thoughts drift like the ocean,
And windy dreams make them sway.

But they always come returning
To the sweetest place of my mind,
For there my thoughts are rested
When you, in them I find.

With every little droplet
That falls down from the sky
Are as many as my thoughts of you,
For which no one can buy.

And with all the precious moments
Of all my dreaming hours,
My heart gets struck like lightning
As I gladly kneel to your loving powers 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘An Endless Dream’

Rest in peace, Tyler Johnson.

You’ll be missed, probably forever. ❤




5 thoughts on “Rest in peace, Tyler.

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Everything God does is for a reason, but we don’t know why, so the pain is tremendous. Your post made me cry; I can sense your agony, wondering why this had to happen, and your determination to be positive. I wish you a speedy mental recovery.

    Tyler, whoever you are, rest in peace.

    • It is indeed a very big loss. I’m just trying to be positive about the entire thing, but I’m not sure how long it will take me to believe it.

      Thanks for your wishes 🙂

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