It’s not easy- Life’s just worth it.

No one promised us life would be easy. They merely said it would be worth it. Worth all the pain, hardships, nonsense, memories and feelings.

Avra always says that I need to more optimistic. My mother says I need to let go of the rigidity. My best friends, Divija and Divya (similar names, I know) want me to get a little more diplomatic and abandon my often rude-and-ruthless ways of talking to people.

And honestly? Each one of them is right. One hundred percent correct. But you know what? In the end, that’s what I’m made of. Altering any one part of it would mean altering myself.

Before you disagree, let me tell you that today after talking to Muskaan and Srishti (we’ve been having arguments for over a while now) I realized there are a lot of things in myself that need amendment. Some in them, and a lot in me.

Them, I have no control over. On the other hand, I can very well change myself.

A few things that I’m going to work on from now on (with no guarantees, of course) are :-

* Keep your mouth shut: which is very hard for me. I love talking (pretty clear, given how much I rant), and this is definitely going to be tough.

* Be diplomatic: means not telling how ugly someone looks in orange sneakers. Easy peasy. I often tend to ignore such things.

* Behave: This I can do. I’ve always been well-mannered, but that was way earlier. Almost a year back. That part of me is still there somewhere, and it’s quite easy to bring to front.

For now, this should be enough. Of course I’ll keep adding to this list. Begins today. Right now. 😉

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have homework to do, three books to write and ‘Blue Bloods’ to read. See ya!


Snigdha ❤


P.S.- ‘Just Because Of You’ requires a new preface, and it will surely be posted in the next post.


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