Forever Young

Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.

Not that I need to tell you any of this, but the above quote is one hundred percent true. Some things do not go away, even though we might stop believing in them. Ask me, I’ve stopped believing in so many of them ;).

See that’s a thing about life- it can confuse you impeccably. One minute you are utterly depressed that things will never fall into place, and the next you are positively sure about everything. As simple as that.

Now you might ask me what’s wrong with me these days. Why am I being so paranoid? Well, let me explain.

One, I learned things that I didn’t like, and irritation got the best of me. I hate it when people try to pose as someone they’re not – and even worse – when they pretend to be highly capable while in reality, they’re good for nothing.

Two, I’d been missing my best friend Divija (she’s in my earlier school), and now that I’ve spoken to her, I feel amazing. There’s absolutely nothing that a best friend cannot fix! 🙂

Three, I wanted to get some people off my back, and now that they’re off it, I can finally breathe. Complete delinquents, I tell you.


Just like they said it ‘The Social Network’you cannot make hundred million friends without making a few enemies.

I’m sick and tired of the games these idiots play here. Each one is delusional, and completely unaware of who they are. And truthfully? I couldn’t care less. To hell with them, and their lives.

Another excerpt for you to read, this time from ‘Just Because Of You’:-

‘I wish my parents would buy me such a beauty. But, obviously not! They say all gadgets are a waste of time and money. So, I still get to roam around with my boring phone.’ Abigail sighs.
What struck me at the moment, I do not know. For there was lava boiling inside the pit of my stomach. And you know, when there is boiling lava, the volcano will eventually erupt. All my joy on getting the latest trendy gadget was lost.

‘I wish my parents were with me to say I couldn’t buy this.’ I retort back and make my way across the kitchen slab towards the lobby.
Abigail running behind me, reaches my shoulder and her sudden touch shakes me a little, ‘Hey, you know I didn’t mean to make you feel bad! Cheer up, boy! You have THE BEST thing ever in your hand this moment!’
I quickly turn around to stop the blazing hot tears coming down from my eyes.

This was not supposed to happen, I know. I had promised myself that I would never cry for my parents’ mistake. They had left Stella and me. They had not cared. They were the ones because of who I was not in a normal family. And what made it worse was that they were here! Here on this freaking planet!

Abigail, the girl who reached my five foot four-inch shoulder (because I was 5 ft 9 inch tall) wearing a two-inch Prada heel turned me around with just a single jerk. She cupped her hands on the side of my face and slowly kissed my salty wet cheek. Her touch assured me that she was there. It was Stella and Abigail that did make my life worthwhile.
The exact moment I caught a glance at the white base iPhone that was in my hand, feeling a gush of emotions inside of me.

Yes, I was thankful to my aunt and uncle for taking Stella and me in their side house. Making us a part of the family, paying our education fee and along that, giving us the benefits of living in luxury in the penthouse.

But, the thing I was the most thankful to was their care, and their love. They did care endlessly for my sister and me. They took us in almost immediately without any second thoughts after that horrid year, and raised us like their kids.

We walk slowly to my room after doing the dishes, and share a very long hug following a comforting silence. Glancing at my watch I see that it is already eleven at night and Abigail’s curfew was over. So, I hug her goodnight and drop her to the porch with a very light head.

 I hug her once more and wave a goodbye. She winks, points at the new phone in my hand and gives a flying kiss (which I act as if I have caught in mid-air).                              ‘

See you at school tomorrow!’ we both smile to one another.  I go inside my room and start reading the manual for my new phone. 
That night I hug the phone to my chest and fall asleep. For it is this phone that reminds me of the unconditional love of my family.

 Yes, my family; Stella, Uncle Marcus, Aunt Kathy and of course, my best friend Abigail. 

No matter how hard I tried to forgive my parents for their mistakes, but with each passing day it just got worse. My attempts at forgiveness were headed nowhere; and nobody blamed me for it. Everyone knew what horrible parents mine had been to Stella and me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Abigail had been my neighbor since we were seven, and she had seen each and everything that happened to me with her own eyes. Maybe that’s why she was always careful about her words and actions—she knew what might cause the lava boiling inside my stomach to eventually erupt at the first sign of weakness.             

When we moved in next to Uncle Marcus’, Abby never failed to show up at weekends. And of course, we are in the same school. My life is like a tape playing on repeat—no changes, no imagination, no emotion; just me and the lonely path I walk on.


Nate has a lot to tell, certainly. But now, I just cannot get my head out of Scarlet’s life 😉 I know you’re tired of hearing the same thing, but ‘Yours, Truly’ is turning out to be my favorite.

Got to go now. See you soon! 😀




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