Got To Love You. Not.

Sorry, but no, thank you. Love can wait. Probably forever 😉

But yes, I’m kind of losing my head these days. For what or who, I am as yet unable to fathom. But who cares? I do not, certainly. Because I’m crazy like that.

I’m having a lot of fun doing the organizing stuff for the school’s ‘Annual Day’, and the entire thing is coming out really well. I’ve written eight chapters of Yours, Truly, three of Just Because Of You and Rose Of The Night is as yet resting on a mere two pages. But things’ll only get better from here, I know.

I just love Scarlet Hastings (the main lead of Yours, Truly). Writing a fictional character has never been so much fun. Coupled with Jason, Scarlet’s character is turning out quite well. I’m very happy.

I’m reading ‘Blue Bloods’ now that I borrowed from a friend, and ‘The Catcher Of The Rye’ I managed to get from the library.

I really believe in this. Life never comes back to us, so why not make the most of what we have? 🙂

Here is what I wrote last night while sipping on coffee:

My room felt very warm and cold at the same time with Jason next to me. Even though he’d been here countless times before, Jason had never stayed for the night. Especially not under the current circumstances, that included a deranged friend an anonymous creep who had sent me the message.

‘I just can’t understand why am I being targeted?’ I moaned into the darkness, pulling the quilt above my head. The air-conditioner was doing a very good job.

Querida’ Jason spoke – and I have to admit- the word sent a tingle down my spine, ‘it was probably a stupid prank to rattle you. Nothing more.’

‘I wish.’ was my awfully down-spirited rejoinder. Silence fell upon us for like, two seconds, and then Jason pulled away the comforter from my face, his light brown eyes piercing into mine. I forgot who I was.

Not only were his eyes doing their best to hypnotize me, but he also had almost all his body weight over mine. My palm itched to seize his face and squash those inviting lips to mine. You do that and your mother will kill you. I had to remind myself repeatedly that mom had trusted me – so much so that she had even allowed a boy to spend indefinite nights in my room without even a question.

‘You don’t have to worry; I won’t do anything you do not want me to.’ Jason breathed in my ear, and hair rose all over my body.

‘I trust you.’ I replied, hoping that he wouldn’t hear the double-meaning in the answer. I trusted him with everything- even the most precious thing I had to give – my heart, my soul and everything in between. But also I trusted him because he wouldn’t hurt my parents’ hopes in any way.

‘Go to sleep, querida. You don’t need to worry about anything.’ He kissed my forehead, and whispered ‘good night’ after tucking the quilt at my sides.

He slid back into his place, and it wouldn’t have been more than ten minutes that I was well into sleep.

I couldn’t care less about Lydia and that unknown hater at that moment; I was happy, I was content and for once Racquelle and Liam were not the centre of attention in my mind.

And oh, did I mention that I was also in love?

——————Excerpt from ‘Yours, Truly’

Leave your reactions for me. I’m all up for learning whatever I can from you all.

Ciao for now. See you!





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