How it surprises me that some of the people I know are not renowned authors as yet.

The world is crazy. I mean, why are many of the writers I know not famous and rich and well-liked by now?

I have a gazillion people who are wonderful writers with crazy/ believable/ rampant/ out-and-out awesome imagination, and when you read their writings, you just feel like kicking someone’s butt out of frustration over the fact that their books are as yet not available in the best book stores.

Whenever I am able to distract myself from my gigantic ego, I often sit down and read other people’s writings – which are, by the way, absolutely wonderful– thickly praying with every nerve that someday I get to hold those writings in the form of a book in my hands.

Meet some of them:

* Mara: Now only heaven knows what on this planet is stopping her from publishing her novels. Given that I’ve often skipped hours of sleep and gotten up early in the morning to read them again on her blog, I don’t have to give you more proof that she is impeccable at whatever she does.

In many ways, Mara is my idol. Because she’s cool like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mara- the cool one


* Ashley: Now I haven’t read anything composed by her except her blog, but I’m pretty sure that if there is going to be another one of Meg Cabot or Richard Bach, Ashley with definitely fit the criteria. She’s direct, she’s crazy and she makes me proud about the fact that we share the same zodiac sign.

Ashley- the crazy one

ย ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

* Avra:ย  I’ve read a lot of her stuff on her Fiction Press account, and needless to say that she’s wonderful (I’m not big on reading mediocre stuff, you know). Her blog, Red Twilight, is where you may get a glimpse of her writings.

Also, the way she answer my e-mails is where I came to know that her English is nothing if not perfect. I just envy her writing abilities.

Pardon me, for Avra doesn’t allow too much public interaction- hence, no picture.


* Srishti: Now her, I can really smack- for she sit a seat behind me in class and lives two streets away. Srishti is the ‘crazy romantic’, if you know what I mean. She is bonkers over love and romance, and her characters (inferring from what I have read) are seemingly believable, her words carefully and elegantly placed.

There’s something is Srish’s writing that makes my heart melt- she never writes things she doesn’t believe in. To prove my point, here is the preface of ‘Just Because Of You’ she wrote for me:

โ€˜Constant as the stars above, always know that you are loved. And my love shining in you will help you make your dreams come true. Will help your dreams come trueโ€™

I walk this road all alone, lost in your memory. A thought I cannot remove from my head. I love you. I say this to myself, but would I be able to tell you this, ever, is a big doubt.

My day passes shuffling shoulder to shoulder. Is this life? I ask myself again and again. Is it meant to be the way it is happening? Am I supposed to feel this flow of emotions inside of me? I do not know. For this feeling is brand new to me. All day I simply chant your name, while my heart is relieved that I have you beside me.

You change me, you make me smile.
I rely on you for making my life bright.
You share my soul
Loving you is my lifeโ€™s goal (yes, I am a football addict, and a goal Keeper and I want to keep you forever)

I love you, I love you not.
No matter what, our friendship is the best of sorts.

I know you well, you know me too
thatโ€™s why I am the one for you.
Just because of you

Do you need more proof? I think not. ๐Ÿ˜‰


* Sana: I don’t know her real name, because she refuses to introduce herself to me. I’ve read ‘Amaira’ a novella she sent me over e-mail, and boy! Was I surprised. She is very good with words, I must say.

I definitely hope to read more of her stuff, if I get the chance to.


Yeah so you see, there’s abundance of talent out there, and all I wish is that people would just discover their immense talent and start getting those wonderful stories on paper as soon as possible.

I, for one, would love to buy the books off the shelves sooner than they’re out ๐Ÿ˜‰

My regards to these wonderful writers, and I hope to someday inculcate even a fraction of their abilities in myself, since each one of them is so accomplished in her own way.

Until next time, I suggest you go on and read some of their stories. Have a good day!




8 thoughts on “How it surprises me that some of the people I know are not renowned authors as yet.

  1. Beautiful Snigdha! Thanks for the mention my not-so-crazy-romantic friend! Funny how I have written it in a phase that I won’t be able to get back ๐Ÿ˜›
    Well, hopefully in the next few years, you will have my novel on your book shelf!
    Thanks for the heads up!

    p.s : Pls don’t smack me, or I’ll smack you harder ๐Ÿ˜›


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