A Quick Word

I’m so sorry for being so irregular, but things aren’t that great here. I feel so disgusted at the moment, you have no idea. It’s just getting unbearable with each passing day.

You see, some people just don’t realize what big idiots they are, even after they’ve been told that on their goddamn faces! I, for one, happen to know countless such shmucks. Like Ashley said in this post, some people just really need to grow up. There is nothing that pisses me off more than stupid people who pretend that they’re the be-all and end-all of the world.

‘I bet you can’t find anyone who’s better than me.’  Oh yeah? Well, guess what? I have a pet dog who can talk sense, unlike you.

I don’t really have a dog, but you get the meaning. Now I’m sure the one this is written for will have exactly no idea it is for them. Like I said, they are out-and-out dumb.

“Unrequited love is all right in books and things, but in real life, it completely sucks”

I love this saying. It’s from Haunted, the second last book of the Mediator series. True, isn’t it? 😉

I’ll catch you later.



5 thoughts on “A Quick Word

  1. Sana says:

    This is so true… people think they can rule the world when they can’t even handle themselves..!
    It is even more ridiculous to know that you can’t even do anything about them as their are more idiots with them…
    It’s the same in my school and I’m so getting tired of it!!

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