You Make Me Feel Sick.

Some people really do make me feel disgusted– and my first reaction is the pungent urge to puke on their faces. They’re that repulsive, I tell you.

My new school is quite rich in organisms of the disgusting variety, and I run into them a lot during the six hours I spend in school. Which is a horrible moment, just by the way. Very sickening.

But then again, there’s something that makes me feel better. Which is, their scenarios after graduation. 😉

You know, high school is where all the so-called ‘elite’, ‘rejects’ etc. are classified. But when school comes to an end, and it is time to face the real world, that’s when everyone — especially the delinquents — get the shock of their life.

The real world doesn’t care how hot you are, or how many guys/girls you have flocking around you — it is all about substance. Which is completely absent in them. I pity their parents, though — raise a child with so much hard work and dedication, and watch them turn out into useless and hopeless idiots incapable of doing anything remotely useful to them, let alone the society.

Ah well! It’s their life and their future. I can’t really do anything about them. And to be honest, I don’t even want to. 😉

Well, see ya later dearies.



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