Yours, Truly

Hey! How have you been? Sorry I’ve been pretty busy lately reading books. I am reading Shiver by Maggie Steifvater now. It is too good. Go have a read if you get a chance to.

I sincerely apologize for getting awfully depressing in the last post, and I hope that you’ll excuse me this time. I don’t know what happened to me back there. I was thinking about incidents and people whom I’d forcefully shut out a long time back. And now, I don’t even need them that much.

As I’ve told you before, I made some major changes in Eternity — and yesterday, when I was reading through the last part and the newly edited first part — I realized that maybe Eternity isn’t what I thought it was.

Hence, I present to you a new (and considerably sensible) story : Yours, Truly.   Nice title, right? I really like it.

Now you must be wondering why I changed everything (all of a sudden, that too) after working so hard for it. Well, I have my reasons ready at hand.

One, when I began writing first when I was barely thirteen, I had titled the story originally as ‘It’s all up to destiny’. Earlier, I wrote because I wanted to record my life somewhere the world could read it and enjoy it. This, somehow, doesn’t seem that important at the moment.

Two,  I renamed ‘It’s all up to destiny’ to ‘Eternity’ after I finished the fourth and last book of the series. I chose the name ‘eternity’ because in the end, the female protagonist dies of blood cancer, leaving her husband with their two children in anguish.

Three, these stories do not convey who I am. I am not fascinated by the idea of death and misery at all. I believe in living life and making positive use of each of its moments. Therefore, now I quit pretending altogether. I’ll write only what I believe in — and I hope Scarlet Hastings (the lead of Yours, Truly) would do justice to it. 🙂


And one not-so-good news: I’m off to my grandmother’s for Diwali (which is the most important and awesome festival of India) and will be back next Sunday. So you guys won’t be hearing from me till then. But I’ll get back as soon as I can, with a lot more to talk about 🙂

Great line, isn’t it? Well, I wouldn’t know much about forever or whatever it is after death — I think the present is pretty much what forever would look like.

It was happening. Change it to it is happening. What is? I’ll tell you soon 😉

And and, it is NOT love. I know it might be disappointing to think that all the changes in my life still do not include love, but I guess it is something better now.

Things are changing for the better. Be a little happy for me?

See you folks soon when I get back!




4 thoughts on “Yours, Truly

  1. i really hope to read how scarlet turns up. Her life through your voice is something i am awaiting to have on my book shelf soon 🙂
    it is somewhat weird because i have been having similar thought. All i have to say is, we all have to die someday, so why not, we live and enjoy life while it is available to us (and not become cranky and irritate God in heaven) 😉

    best wishes and a very happy Diwali

    • Thanks Srish! I hope so too 🙂
      Yes, exactly my point! 😀 Be happy with what you have. 🙂

      Happy Diwali to you too, my lovely sister ❤
      Love you!

  2. It doesn’t disappoint me that the changes in your life don’t include love. You’re only sixteen; romantic love at this age wouldn’t be a good thing in my opinion. When you’re older and of marital age, though, romantic love is definitely something I’d want for you!

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