Happy Birthday Ash!

Since I don’t know the time zone where you are, so I’ll take the early fall :-

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Apparently, I stole your Twitter profile picture.

She’s 21 today- and she’s a total rock star like Josh Ramsay. Do you buy that? Yes? Me too. 🙂  Out of the few people who I actually like on WordPress – since others are either cranky, prejudiced freaks, or just plain dumb – Ashley is the loveliest of them all. She’s a Libra, people – what else did you expect?

I honestly do not remember how I stumbled upon her blog, but I’m hugely grateful that I did. If not anything else, she taught me this:

“Everything sucks. Find something to smile about.”

Translation: No matter how hard you try to put things together, they will fall apart. So try enjoying them till they actually last.

I’ll give you some plausible reasons why I think Ashley is the best:-

* She made my birthday incredibly special (no, I’m not telling you how) and I’m very thankful to her for that, since that was the only good thing that actually happened on my disastrous sixteenth birthday.

* She’s the first person I’ve met who shares my obsession for Marianas Trench.

* She’s a Libra like me, and she makes me feel proud about that fact.

* Avra, Srishti and Ashley are the few people (other than my mom) who are actually capable of talking sense into me, and understanding my convoluted nonsense.

* She’s frank. If you are an idiot, she won’t think twice about saying that to your face.

* On a less decent note, she has the hottest friend I’ve ever seen [keep guessing who].

I wish her all the happiness in the world, and sincerely hope that she receives whatever she wants. Good people deserve good things – but a B.A. chick deserves only the best.

Happy Birthday once again to my soul sibling/dearest friend. 🙂 Have lots of fun, and you totally have to tell me about it later.

– Snigdha


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