Not In Love. At least, not really.

No I’m not. I swear on God I’m not. But it feels like it. And I have absolutely no idea if it is going to work. Major oops.

I’m posting an excerpt from ‘Till Death Do Us Apart’ (the last book of ‘Eternity’ series’). I hope you like it! —

“Stay still, can you? I’m trying to morph you into a human!” Arthur screamed at me. He was helping me get ready for the big day; my wedding.

After that Christmas night, life took a turn for the better. Scarlet and I stayed together, and when we graduated and went to college, was the only time we spent apart from each other.

She went to BYU to get her English Honors, and I attended Harvard so that I could get my MBA. And today, we were going to be tied to each other in every way humanly possible. She was going to be my wife in a few hours.

“Oops, sorry.” I apologized, and Arthur got back to work, grumbling. I waited patiently while he fixed the coat, and the tie. While I waited, my mind wandered through the forgotten lanes of old memories from our high school days.

After that night, I never saw Rachel again. Her friends said her dad got a job in England, and she moved there. I sent her e-mails, but she didn’t answer. Maybe she was trying to keep her distance.

Mom was jumping with joy when she came to know about our reconciliation, and even my father, who had disliked me for long, pardoned me for my stupidity.

“If Scarlet can forgive you, so can I.” he’d said.

Scarlet had, though unknowingly, taught me the values of life. She had brought me closer to my parents, the two people I had ignored all the while I was busy with Rachel. She taught me how to reach out and apologize to the people I had caused pain to. She was my Cinderella in every sense.

When we were about to leave for college, she’d said to me, “Remember one thing, Liam : true love never dies; it just gets stronger with time.”

And with those words, I had easily lived by those four years away from her. She was right; when we saw each other again last year, I hurriedly proposed her for marriage, unable to wait any longer. I wanted to make her mine.

Though after initial reluctance, she had agreed, and today was the day; 10th September.

“I think you’re good, man. What d’ya think?” Arthur brought me back to the present. He was scrutinizing me from every angle to make sure that I looked like a bridegroom.

And to be honest, he’d done a good job. I actually looked like a gentleman.

“Nice work, Arthur. Thank you.” I said, and hugged him. He pulled me away, chuckling.

“Hey! Save it for tonight, man!” he said, and I giggled.

“Liam , come on.” Mom came in to call us. We walked to the where the priest was waiting for us. Scarlet wasn’t there, obviously, but I could feel her presence.

I waited patiently, until I saw Mr. Hastings, and beside him, the girl of my dreams; the love of my life. She was dressed in white; the silk cut so skillfully that it made her look elegant and poised. Her long, dark hair framed her perfect face, and in her hands were orange blossoms.

I stared like an idiot, and when she came to stand right in front of me, Dad nudged me hard in the ribs.

Ow!” I complained, and she giggled. It was like the ringing of bells.

The ceremony flowed in perfect smoothness, and soon it was time to make the declaration.

“Do you, Liam Anthony McCall, take Scarlet Randal Hastings to be your lawfully wedded wife?” the priest asked me.

“I do.” I said, victorious and confident. I had never been that confident about anything ever before.

“Do you, Scarlet Randal Hastings, take Liam Anthony McCall to be your lawfully wedded husband?” he repeated to Scarlet.

She winked at me before speaking. “I do.” She said; her voice thick from crying. Her happiness was overwhelming; everyone knew that.

“You may now kiss the bride.” The priest encouraged, and got out of my way.

She was mine; for eternity; Till death shall do us apart.

We stepped closer to each other, and I secured her face between my hands.

It was a serious kind of a kiss; slow, but building. She threw her arms around my neck, flowers and all, and I pulled her closer by the waist. I didn’t care what others would think; I couldn’t remember my name.

All I knew was that I loved her, and by some miracle she loved me too.

It was when the throat-clearing began in the audience that we realized we had overdone ourselves. I pulled away, and she giggled silently. I could see tears in her eyes, and for a second I didn’t feel like letting her go at all. But it was inevitable.

“Congratulations, Mrs. McCall.” I whispered in her ear, and she smiled.

“You too.” She replied, and I put my arm around her waist.


This is somewhere between the middle. When Scarlet and Liam get married. I posted this excerpt because I have only named one novel out of the four that I’ve written. I wrote eight initially, but I think making it in pairs of two is a better idea.

Do leave your reactions for me. I love knowing what people think of my writings! 🙂




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