Rebellious Love

“If the psychic was right, I’ll have more than one great love in my lifetime. Which means I’ll get another chance. But is that any reason to throw my first chance away?”

The above line is from my recent favorite novel ‘Something Like Fate’ by Susane Colasanti. I think I’ve already told all of you about how much I like this novel that Srish gave me for a weekend, but I finished it in two hours (yes, I am that fast).

I fell in love once (as I have told you before), and I’m sure I can’t even name it as love. It was just a stupid assumption I made that things are supposed to be perfect when you find the one you think is right for you. But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Ah well! That’s history now, and I’m way over all that happened. Many people kept on telling me back then that by caring about someone so unworthy would only leave me in sheer misery, but I didn’t bother listening to them. My stubbornness is a very bad habit of mine 😉

I guess it was just a part of fate’s plan to prepare me for the future [yes, I know I sound strange]. Now I know better than to trust just any random stranger with everything I have in myself. I am able to enjoy life better now; majorly because I know that no matter how topsy-turvy the situations might get, the only person who is always going to be there for me, support me and help me get through it is — Me.

Even the skies must weep for the roses to bloom.

I am very prejudiced clear about what I believe is right. I hate love, I hate false promises and I loath people who think that they can manipulate or mangle with people’s feelings just because they happen to love them.                                                                                                                                               Dude, wake up! You try that with me , or with someone I care about, I swear to God I’m going to kick you in the gut so hard that all that ego crap is going to fall right out.

Beautiful, I know. But necessary. The time when people used to precede threats with ‘please’ and end it with ‘thank you’ are long gone. 😉 Hence, I devised my way of scaring idiots.

I’m open to authenticity, but if you plan to fool around again, then I won’t guarantee that you’ll live longer. But remember, behind that shell (which is quite hard, you should know), is the girl who reads romance when she’s sad, sings in the rain and loves to enjoy life.

Okay, enough of mushiness (if that’s even a word). Time for me to go. Leave your reactions for me!


– S

5 thoughts on “Rebellious Love

  1. I cannot say I hate love, but the “love” you refer to is not what I label as love either. In other words, I love love–what it really is, not this bullcrap people mistake for love that seems to be more prevalent in today’s society. Unfortunately, the feelings people mistakenly identify as love are also the feelings that allow them to be manipulated as you mentioned.

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