You’ll Die For Me?– Yeah, right.

Hello there! How has the weekend been? Mine was full of tv-shows and white sauce pasta that I managed to cook on Saturday (and sliced my finger in the attempt.) And today— back to school -_-

Now about the title. I am totally expecting many negative/sarcastic/plain senseless/intellectual reactions about it, but when I’m finished with this, I think you will be able to understand my perspective.

I came across a movie I watched on Friday called ‘The Prince And Me‘. It is about a prince who goes to Wisconsin in search of a ‘fun night-out’ [free to interpret it any way you wish], and falls for a simple girl studying for medical school— which is really far-fetched, I think. The movie is good, no doubt. But it isn’t something that you can be sure is possible.                                                                                           I mean, really?! A prince who will cross boundaries, move in next to you, fall in love with you, and wait for years for you to come back to him? Ridiculous. And Impossible.

Okay, may be not impossible; but ‘rare’ is a word that is more apt. These things do not happen anymore. Only today in class me and Srishti were talking about how idiotic it is of people to give away their lives for someone they think they love (or truly love). My point is that what good will it do to either of them if they just die in vain? A shot at heave – or whatever it is after death – does not primarily guarantee a reunion of lovers, does it?

And the situation gets even more morose when it – the love that seems to blossom between two people – is nothing but a hoax. That is very painful as well as fruitless. That is why I say it is always better to test the waters before jumping in. 😉

And when people say they can’t live without the person they love, they are lying. White lies. Existence doesn’t depend on how stupid you can be (so much so that you fall in love)– it depends on how you handle things that aren’t always gratifying.

Turning sixteen day after tomorrow! 😀 The excitement just came back. And a very good-looking boy talked to me – no, I do not love him-  (that’s a secret me and Ashley share). Shhhh! 😉

How many of you are going to wish me on October 5th? FYI, I love wishes 🙂

See you later.




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