Change: The Knock At The Door.

First of all, hello!

I’m incredibly happy today! Exams are finally over, and I’m making full use of the newfound freedom. I’ve watched ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ all afternoon, and now I’m writing this post.  I’ve written after a painfully long time (which is clear by how slow my typing is now), but regardless of everything, I have a lot to talk about.

Warning: Please read ahead at your own risk, because the post is going to get very intricate and interesting.

Okay so here goes:

During the last two weeks, I have experienced many things, and now, while I’m writing this post, I feel different. Somethings have changed dramatically, and to my surprise, this time they are not bad or disconcerting [remember the school-change fiasco?]. During the time I could actually sit down and think, I was able to see everything clearly– what I had done, what others have said/done, and what the future looks like.

I know many of you think what kind of schmuck I am to be hating love at such a tender age (where I haven’t even had anything to do with it yet), and being rude about everything that qualifies as ‘valuable’ in everyone else’s dictionary. And I take full responsibility for my words/actions. I really do.                                                                                                                                                                                           But that’s me. That’s what I’m made of. Part of it since birth, and part of it due to the motions I’ve went through in my almost-sixteen years.

Remember the novel series I told you about? The one I wrote myself? I am emotionally attached to that storyline, and not just because I wrote it. There’s a lot more behind it. I chose the names of the leads — ‘Sophie’ and ‘Kary’— because when I had began writing it, these names had a special meaning attached to them. But now, since the meaning doesn’t exist, I find no reason these names should be kept the same. So, surprisingly, I changed the names. Sophie Rogers becomes Scarlet Hastings, and Kary Taylor becomes Liam McCall. 😉

See how a little change can effect a lot of things? It’s like a chain of events that lead to one big change in our whole being. But that’s how life moves on. Step by step, slowly incorporating all the changes that we’re entitled to.

You have NO idea how much more to say. But I can’t risk my readers dozing off to sleep while reading a 900-something word blog post 😉 So I’m going to save some for next time.

And FYI, just 4 days to go for my birthday! I can barely wait. 😀

Catch you guys later.



6 thoughts on “Change: The Knock At The Door.

  1. sana says:

    Yeah…it’s kinda true about the whole transformation thingy….and you’ll realize as you grow older you will find better set of names….which will have a new story hanging to them….isn’t it just awesome growing up..!

  2. Change is essential, and as I always say, FUN!
    when things change, people change, our views change and everything eventually turns out for the good! 🙂

    p.s : I like the name LIAM McCall! 😛

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