Women: Where The World Begins— Which side are you on?

Am I right? Of course I am. This is a universal truth. Hadn’t it been for women, the world wouldn’t have taken shape, let alone evolved. We are who we are; no matter what, we are going to stay the same.

The first stage of any man’s life begins with the help of a woman. She nurtures you within herself for nine painfully long months without breathing a word of despair. After birth, she takes care of you until you are big enough to stand on your own feet.

Your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your friend, your wife—– these are women who make your life worth living. But what do we do to them? We leave them stranded. abandon them. Abuse them. Renounce them.

Wow. What a unique and self-satisfying way to repay the favour! -_-

Well, screw you. Screw the entire male race for doing that to us. What do you think of your low lives, huh? How ungrateful can you get?!

Just because you have a life of your own now doesn’t mean that you disregard the one person who gave that life to you. If you do that, be sure of one thing– the hounds of Hades will definitely rip your heart out and every other part of your body so badly that you’ll be scared to come back on Earth again!

   Not only are we essential for biological survival and upkeep of the human race, but your social and emotional selves would also have been a total wreck if we weren’t there.

Who would you come home to? Who would you marry? Who would bear your children? Keep thinking of the alternatives.

See? The world begins with us, and it will surely come to an end when we do. So the next time you even think of hurting any member of the female community, just think about how your baby would look like when you’d have to mate with a dog 😉

*                                              *                                  *                                           *

One more thing: my posts will become irregular from here on, because I have my mid-term exams coming up, and I have a lot to study. Please wish me luck!

Have a wonderful time!




12 thoughts on “Women: Where The World Begins— Which side are you on?

  1. I can’t say I agree with you about men being all horrible, but some men do tend to forget the importance of women.

    A dog?! I don’t think it’s possible for a homo sapien to produce offspring with a canis familiaris! Ugh. I sincerely hope bestiality doesn’t become as common as homosexuality’s become. It’s just . . . totally immoral.

    Good luck on midterms!

    • Yeah, I just referred to those few, but ultimately ended up blaming the entire male race. I have seen quite a few incidences with my own eyes, and for someone who has witnessed a lot of discrimination, it isn’t easy to accept the sanity of a few men. 🙂

      I know Avra, just trying to be fierce— and failed evidently 😉

      Thank you so much!! 😀

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