What Makes You Beautiful <3

Yes, I used a heart. I know. But couldn’t help it! πŸ™‚ The title is from a song by One Direction, that has been on my mind since a week now, since my friend Srishti told me about it.

There is something about this song [apart from the incredibly good-looking singers]—- it is so right! Many of us, girls especially, have this inferiority complex about themselves, which in turn, threatens to persist till the very end of their lives. Why? Because they depend too much on others to help them feel pretty about themselves -_-

And THIS is so not the correct way to go. I mean, how much will it change your life if you are dating the most popular guy in high school or not? Or you’re the homecoming queen or not? Not a bit.

And as far as beauty is concerned— it is not at all what people generally think it is. I won’t say that beauty and looking good is futile; but there are always better things than that. Brains, for example, are a great deal more important than mascara, and self-confidence makes you glow better than any face-glitter ever will! πŸ™‚

But then again, coupled with beauty, these things take your persona to a whole new level. Beauty is not trying to dress like some over sized paper doll, but to really be able to show the qualities that a seemingly beautiful person is expected to contain. Compassion, determination, righteousness etc. are some of them , to begin with πŸ˜‰

So I hope that leaves you with something, and a smile on your face. Below is the video of the song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction. Enjoy!

I hope you like it. Feel free to comment!


Snigdha ❀ [yesΒ  yes, I know πŸ˜‰ ]


11 thoughts on “What Makes You Beautiful <3

  1. Hey Snigdha!
    Well I must say I am in LOVE with this song (and Harry Styles, which is pointless to mention in this post, but you know me!) ❀
    I totally agree with the message that you conveyed! We should be proud of what we are no matter how we look. What makes us beautiful is not just the outer covering but the inner charm and persona! πŸ™‚
    Love your blogs and Love you too!
    Srishti ❀

  2. I love that song! I think it might become my new song to listen to on repeat.

    “Brains, for example, are a great deal more important than mascara, and self-confidence makes you glow better than any face-glitter ever will!” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    We worry too much about trying to convince others we are good looking that we forget what’s really important; how we feel about ourselves and how we make ourselves feel.

    Great post… keep it up!

  3. I think beauty does have some importance. We should try to take care of our appearance to some degreeβ€”it’s natural to groom ourselves and try to look presentable, and it shows that you have some self-respect. But what’s underneath is definitely much more important! So even if you take care of your own appearance, don’t judge people for not doing so, and if you don’t care, don’t judge people for caring. Judge them for who they are inside.

    Roald Dahl once said something about people who are beautiful on the inside look beautiful on the outside. And I agree with that. I don’t mean that nice people are physically gorgeous. I mean that even if she’s hideous, once you know the person inside, her beauty shines through and the ugliness doesn’t bother you.

    • yes, beauty does have importance, but not so much that it overshadows all the other, and apparently more significant, stuff. And I said it’s okay to take care of ourselves as long as it doesn’t become the ONLY thing that we do.

      Roald Dahl is right to having said that.
      The inside beauty overpowers every other thing πŸ™‚

  4. TyJ says:

    Amazing, as usual; and so are your words.
    You know, you are the most expressive person I’ve ever met. Be that way forever πŸ™‚

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