This is to establish ‘Libra Supremacy’—— for my dear friend, Ashley! :)

Hey everyone! Pretty soon, eh? I know! 🙂 This post has a lot of borrowed content from this post by The Ashhole. I can’t help myself but re-post it with my own answers. The pictures are fabulous, and I guess if you want to know someone instantly [though it is impossible], answers to the few following questions can speak volumes about someone’s character.

Check it out 🙂

I always want something to read. Everyday. I believe that if you can comprehend the true meaning of someone else’s words, then life is real easy to live through 🙂


Never ask a Libra this question! But if you want to know—– I’m a true manipulator. I can break or mend absolutely anything with my words 😉


Exactly what a self-obsessed, cranky person like me would do—- Relax! If I’m wrong in some way, then I will apologize to them, surely; but if they hate me because they cannot be me, then well, their bad! 🙂 I’m happy as I am! 🙂


I feel incomplete when my Mom is not around. I love her, and I need her always by my side. Her absence never fails to make me feel insecure.


A lot of things—- I miss having fun with my old friends. I miss being a five-year-old and eating chocolate ice-cream and coke all day long while watching ‘Tom and Jerry’. 🙂


There was this one moment, a few years back, when I was feeling very… No worries, no future to worry about, and guess what I did with my newfound sense of freedom? I jumped off a ten feet rock! 🙂


“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.”


Hence proved! Libra is way better than any other sunsign, and if you have any objection to it, you are more than welcome to keep it to yourself 😛 Okay, lame joke. I’m sort of [positively] high today.

To Ashley: See? We rule. And as said before: “Life sucks; find something to smile about.” 😉 Happy to have met you! You go girl! 🙂




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