‘Forever’ is a meaningful word—- You ruin the meaning.

There’s this person I’ve known for quite sometime now, about eight years, who happens to be pinning after his ex till date. Mind you, don’t think that he loves  her to no end or something of that sort—- he doesn’t care about anything but himself. For him, the world happens to revolve around him.

So, this person posted a status on BlackBerry that had a generous use of the word ‘forever’. And I’ve laughing my head off since then.

Forever? You? REALLY?! Forever means till the end of time. And things that aren’t real don’t stand a chance of lasting that long. Especially when they are feelings.

This is exactly what makes me feel disgusted with love—- People have NO IDEA about its depth or whatever it is. I know I’m not perfect, but at least I know what is right and what might hurt someone! And if I hurt them once, I make sure I don’t do that same mistake again. But this person here, he just doesn’t care!

Let me tell you, till people like him continue to exist, people like me will always have second thoughts about love and its authenticity. And once broken, faith is the only thing that is hard to mend.

But then again, it isn’t about what others do that matters; it is all about what WE want to do with our lives. 🙂



2 thoughts on “‘Forever’ is a meaningful word—- You ruin the meaning.

  1. Keep the remote to your happiness with yourself. Work with this motto……and no matter what others like him say or do……you’ll see yourself smiling through the pain, and fear would never be able to touch you again! 🙂

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