Until I Can Be There

I don’t know why or how, these past few days have been very. . . surprising. I just cannot bring myself to believing that people I trusted so implicitly could allow themselves to leave me stranded so easily.

Ah well! It’s their life, and whatever they do is surely going to come back to them some or the other day. Here is a poem that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, and I hope you like it! 🙂


When good times aren’t enough
And no peace can be found,
I long for something more
To see and rejoice.

I want my life with You Lord
To see things through Your eyes,
To live life as in heaven —
Unthinkable, enhanced and fresh.

Maybe there will be;
More things at which to laugh,
No bills to be paid,
Nothing ever in lack.

Until I can be there,
In You I will believe.
No need to ask why
With faith I will receive:
Hope that is endless;
A promise of salvation;
The Way, the Truth, the Life
Love wrapped in redemption.

                                     – Snigdha Rai

*                                  *                            *                              *

I know that they are not always wrong, but I can’t help but get selfish at times, which is very out of character for me. It’s just that everything happened so fast that I didn’t have enough time to register the happenings. Now, when I look back, it feels that it was bound to happen.Remember I told you about how masochism is second-nature to me? 😉

Good night, and I hope you have a wonderful time until I find time to write again!





4 thoughts on “Until I Can Be There

  1. It is your desire to live in the Lord’s service that inspires me. You have a big heart and that is a great thing….except having such a big heart makes it easy to be broken as well. I have been in your shoes many times. Being let down by those you love is probably the worst feeling one can feel. It is then, you must pray for them. Just as we are certain that no one knows exactly what’s going on inside ourselves, we don’t know that about them either. We all have struggles and faults. But love, if true is always there. Even if they let you down.
    There are no easy answers to this life and especially when it comes to people. We inflict pain and absorb pain. Sometimes we don’t even realize it. Bug hugs to u and thanks for writing such an honest blog. True and real to your heart. Keep penning! Good things will come to you.
    ♥ Kellie

    • Yes, having a big heart makes us all the more prone to heartbrakes. and it is the worst feeling one could ever endure.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Means a lot to me ! 🙂
      Snigdha ❤

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