Titanic: The Ship That Sails Eternally.

Hey! I know my posts haven’t been very pleasing lately, and hence, to cut a little loose, I have chosen a topic which I’m sure most of you would enjoy.

I say some love stories are eternal; they do not happen to have an end to them. Some people are born with the ability to shower limitless love, and these special, and apparently ancient, people have made up eternal love stories like Titanic.

Jack and Rose completely altered the beliefs of the conservative society that discriminated on the account of economic background. Their love triumphed the sinking of the massive ship that killed hundreds.

And each time we happen to sit through the movie, our heart rejoices at the fact that okay, even though they didn’t get a chance at their ‘dream life’, they had the warmth of love in their hearts till the end.

Heartwarming, isn’t it? I know.

Many of you might ask why I have called these lovers as ‘ancient’ in the line above; I have the answer ready. I’ve called them ancient because as I say, true love has ceased to exist in present day. It either is in books or movies or old stories.

It just doesn’t happen now, you know. Make-believe and then, forget! That’s the way it goes.

Ah well, I’m off. I have a test to prepare for, and a few more movies to watch.

Have a wonderful day!





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