FYI, ‘Coolness’ does not beckon to idiots.

Do you agree? I’m sure most of you will.

I don’t know how many of you remember my post “Me? like you? No, gracias that highlighted this exact problem that many of us have to come face to face every day we live.

You see, the problem is just very simple: some losers just CANNOT bear it in their minds that no matter how ‘popular’ or ‘wanted’ they might be, they can never on this earth, or in any other parallel universe, be loved. And which, fortunately, is the only thing that eventually matters.

C’mon! How fed up can you get with your OWN life, that you end up becoming a duplicate, [and that too, a second-rate version] of someone totally unworthy? I just don’t see how.

And of course, there are the so-called ‘Royals’, who are a big pain-in-the-head problem to anyone’s happiness. Just because they are not loved by their family or friends, they assume it becomes their right to trample over others’ happiness. Sorely mistaken, they are.

So the next time you cross anyone of this kind, make sure you dot one real hard slap, trip them over, run over them with a road-roller, or whatever. But do not leave them unharmed. As they say, ‘prevention is better than cure.’😉

Better be different.

And yes, one last word of advice: Better be someone with no class, than to be someone with no life. 🙂

Until next time.




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