A Cinderella Story: With A New Twist.

Hey people! Long time, eh? I know. I’ve felt sick these days, and keeping my eyes open for more than an hour is a task. But now, with whatever amount of energy I have left in me, I am writing this post.

I want to share a story with you; and as you might have guessed, it is a Cinderella-ish story. A stupid girl, a crafty prince and a life full of anguish. Why? Because she believed in love, and her prince took advantage of her blind faith.

So the story begins:

Sara [assumed name] was a sweet girl, dumb enough to believe that love existed. She was unique; she could love everything. And so, she fell in love with her so-called ‘prince’, Kevin [name changed]. But Kevin had other plans.

He misused her faith and love, and tricked her into believing that love never comes free of pain. He tortured her badly (emotionally), and when he was tired of it, he left her writhing in pain. Alone. Afraid.

But Sara didn’t give up. She stood up again, like a fallen angel does, and regained control over her life. And now, she knows better than to give away her beliefs for some total idiot.

She knows now that her life is all about herself, and nothing in this world can be more important than what she believes in. She is new person now; Better than before.

*                       *                                 *

See? I told you. Love stinks; so bad that it makes even your nose go numb! It never does good to anyone. And the above story? It is based on a true incident. I’ve seen it happen with my own two eyes.

I just wish Sara never falls in the hell-hole again. Pray for her with me, please?

She needs help.




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