I found an Angel in Hell. Surprised?

No kidding; I seriously did. And guess what’s her name? Snigdha!

No, I’m not referring to myself. Her name is Snigdha Sharma [we share the same name], and she is a Leo, while I am a Libra. Before I go on, I suggest you have a look at her.

Yeah, so back to where I left. Snigdha is the one, and probably the only, person who has been able to understand, and so accept me for being the person I am. She has been very…..kind, if that even begins to cover it. I just love her; and like Madhav, I owe her my identity. She has brought back the lost confidence in me that I’d completely forgotten I had.

She has taught me that life never comes easy to anyone; it’s just the way how you deal with it. Regardless of my denial and crankiness [yeah, that was how I was when I changed schools. Very dramatic, I know πŸ˜‰ ] Snigdha has helped me, and stood by my side when my so-called friends were enjoying themselves making life living hell for me [see what I say about my new school being equal to hell?]

I am proud about the fact that I have a chance to share my name with such a wonderful, strong and inspirational person as her. And when I say inspirational, I mean it. I am not one of those who praise anyone without a valid reason, and same stands for her.

Snigdha deserves it, and that’s why I say it.

P.S. Snigdha, if you are reading this, I want you to know that you are very important in my life, if not in anyone else’s. I wish to be as strong, or even a small part of, how strong you are. Hats off!



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