Hypocrisy and Masochism; the two things that never let me live.

Just today, I’ve been told, rather taught, how to live life. No, it isn’t another valedictorian who got his hands on me; it was the one person I’ve hated since I don’t know when. I’m not going to tell you who he is, but for the sake of ease and anonymity, let’s call him Michael [don’t try guessing; you can’t even be close].

Yeah, so the thing began like this: I don’t like my new tuition classes because it sucks out all of my evening, about six hours, and by the time I’m home, it hurts even to blink the eyes. So, I told my mom and Michael that I don’t like it, and guess what? Instead of hearing my problems, Michael went on with his idea of life and blah blah blah.

Who cares?! I certainly don’t.

He went as far as saying that if I had to become something, I have to work for it, and that dreaming alone won’t help. I don’t dream! It’s just that I want to find saner and more possible alternatives to things. But who listens to me? No one.

He thinks I want everything nice and easy, in neat folds. No, I don’t! I don’t know why he hates me so much so that everything I recommend has to go down the trash. WHY? Give me one good reason and I’ll shut up.

Hypocrisy in the title refers to his attitude; what he says and what I see happening are just too very divergent things.

Masochism is my life. When your life is inscribed in pain, masochism comes naturally.And believe me, sometime later it becomes almost impossible to tell the difference.

Just because I want to stand against something doesn’t mean I am afraid! I will prove it to him, and to everyone else who thinks I don’t have the courage or will to become something.

I know I will. Life has never been kind to me, and now, it’s time to talk the same tone. Sweet and sugary is out; it’s time to get even with the jerks.





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