Just the way I am. Jealous?

Hey people! Long time, eh? I know. I’ve been busy in doing my assignments and stuff, and believe me I get around seven hours of sleep a day! Pretty hectic schedule. I wrote a poem around the same time last year, and let me warn you, it’s pretty emotional.

Go on, have a read.


One word expresses the torment, the anger, confusion, and pain.
“Why?” I scream to the uncaring night. My emotions making me go insane.
“Why?” Again, I yell. The silence is deafening, defeating, unknowing, uncaring.
I curl up in a ball alone and afraid, no one seeing, hearing, and much less caring.

The salty tears drip unbridled, following paths long remembered and known.
I try to deflect the blows of hurtful words that mar the soul but not the bone.
Blows not aimed intentionally yet hurt just the same.
I do not know when I have not felt the familiar pain.

What a relief it would be to be free!
To be acknowledged and liked just for being me.
Many may know of my troubles yet not as much as I.

And I know not the way to stop the tears that I perpetually cry.

Yeah yeah, I know it is again very inconsistent with my beliefs, but I guess I already warned you all, didn’t I? 😉

Mad, crazy and strong. I am what I am.

I am thinking of watching Harry Potter soon. I really want to see it, before it becomes a forgotten memory [which is impossible, given how crazy about it people are!]

Well, I am going to hit the sack. See you!




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