Frivolous behaviour is one thing; stupidity is completely another!

I have seen so many people lie to others and themselves, saying that they never knew what damage trusting someone totally undeserving could do, and hence, they landed themselves in agony.

Oh REALLY?! Stop lying for Christ’s sake, people.

Of course you knew what was going to happen. I mean, haven’t you heard about Romeo and Juliet? They died because of love, for crying out aloud. And forget ancient instances, there is so much to learn from the recent surroundings! No one is happy with their lives, and the first thing that comes to their mind is to include another idiot.

Seriously, what’s wrong with their minds? It’s like walking over hot charcoal and thinking it is a bed of roses. NONSENSE, I say. It’s not romantic, it’s plain stupid.

“I love you, and you love me. Great! Let’s sign a deal for mutual destruction.” What a brilliant thing to do, right? Like there isn’t enough poverty, pain and corruption to deal with already; add another problem to the list!

Okay, now some serious piece of advice: If you want to steer clear of any potential danger or trouble, DON’T FALL IN LOVE,okay?

I mean it.

But then again, how often do people listen to me. My mother is right: “There is absolutely no one who can know your real worth if you give yourself wholly to them. Take a stand and see if they really deserve you.” 🙂

And I truly believe in that.



4 thoughts on “Frivolous behaviour is one thing; stupidity is completely another!

    • Yeah! FINALLY one person has the brains to agree with my point.
      It is dumb to give away your life; loving someone while LIVING is a WAY better thing to do 😉

      • Really? I am really the first person you met who thinks it was wrong for them to kill themselves? Oh, wow. Those are the sort of people you’re surrounded by? No wonder it’s hard for you to believe love exists!

  1. Yes! See why I have a hard time believing that love is real?
    People around here believe what they see in movies, which are SO NOT like life, not even close.

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