Yeah, okay. Even my own head messes with me at times.

Here is a short story that was written two years ago. It’s short and sweet for those who believe in love. Not me. Hope you guys like it. 🙂

What if?

Our story starts at a beach in a tropical country.
the atmosphere was quiet, serene. Over the horizon, the sun was about to retire for the day.
Two people were pacing along the shore, a boy and a girl.
They seemed to be having a quiet conversation, only their eyes speaking.

“So, is it really necessary for you to leave?” the boy asked the girl conversationally.
“Yes. Keeping my fingers crossed.” the girl smiled at him.
They didn’t speak for a long moment, and the wind played in the little space between them.
The water streaked their clothes, and the sky turned red over their heads.

“Do you mind if I ask you something?” she asked him quietly.
“Go ahead.” the boy nodded.
“How did you like the past 4 years?” the girl finally made an attempt to douse her curiosity.
Instead of answering immediately, the boy thought over it before speaking.

“Tell, please?” she made the last attempt, and when he didn’t answer, she gave in. It was indeed very difficult to make him talk feelings, let alone honestly.
“They were…..surprising.” he finally spoke.
“How? I mean….anything else?” she tried again.

“I can’t put it into words. It’s kind of difficult. For me.” he said, emphasizing on ‘me’.
“Okay. Thanks for telling.” she smiled sweetly at him. He smiled back at her.

“You know may be if we were more open to each other, things would have been different.” he spoke with genuine dismay.
She was completely surprised. She was the one thinking the same things for so long.
“Yeah. Even I thought that. How? I mean….Yes. You’re right.” she answered stammering.
“Well, only if we thought about it earlier….” he mooned, staring into space.
“I wish……….” she smiled to herself, and splashed water at him.
He did the same, and soon both were busy drenching each other with the saline water.
The sky soon turned light gray, the stars just preparing to twinkle.

When they got tired of their game, both of them made their way back home.
The boy left the girl at her doorstep, and said, “Thanks for the day. It was great.”
“Same here. Good Night Jake.” the girl smiled at him, and turned for the doorknob.
“Scarlet wait!” Jake called from behind.

When she spun around, raising her eyebrows in question.
“I’ll…..I will miss you when you leave.” he smiled half-heartedly, and his eyes were watery, but Scarlet wasn’t sure of it.
“Me too.” she whispered, trying to press down the hysteria building inside herself. The wind came as a fierce blow, making both shiver instantaneously. Their eyes were wet; it hurt both incredibly to be away, regardless of their abundant disparities.

“Dammit!” Jake exclaimed out of annoyance. Unknowingly or else, he had pulled down all the walls.

“I already miss you.” Scarlet whispered, so softly that her voice was just a part of the wind . . . . . . .

And BAM! My eyes flew open, and I realized that I was dreaming. The clock claimed that it was 4.30 in the morning.
I smiled to myself, going through my dream once again, and hurried to get my journal so that I can write down the dream before I forgot it.

But what if it meant something? Something so good that destiny wanted me to know what was in store?

What if it was a premonition of a beautiful future in the making?

Smiling about that thought, I began doodling down the eccentric reverie, hoping in some part of my heart and mind that I stumble upon my just right dreamland I’ve always wished to live in.

    *                        *                         *                         *

 Remember, it’s JUST A STORY. 🙂 No love for me, remember? 😉




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