Ever Fallen In Love? Who, me? Naah.

Oh no, don’t think that I have decided to let go of the I-hate-love thing; it is never going to happen [unless of course, I get someone as good as Edward Cullen, which is unfortunately, impossible].

As you might know by now, I adore Twilight [that’s a pretty understatement, to tell the truth ;)] And now you might think how much of a hypocrite I am, for saying on one hand that I hate love, but on the other hand I love a story which is all about love and the ‘magic’ it is supposed to create. But believe me, my admiration for Twilight has nothing to do with my reasons for hating love.

It’s pretty simple, see? You either love and get hurt, or you get hurt in the process of searching for love. Either way, you are bound to get hurt.

Okay, I know you’re tired of hearing this, but it is a hell-hole, no matter how nicely its dug. And please, please don’t think I’m a retard or some old, wrinkly woman who lives with cats to be writing this.

FYI, I am a fifteen-and-a-half, and soon, in about three moths, I’m turning 16. I lead the life of a normal teenage girl. I love movies, music, books and going to the mall.

I am not antisocial; I have a lot of friends [if you’ve seen the last post, you’ll know].  We hang out when we can, and believe me, it is so better than running after any blockhead in hopes of feeling better about yourself.

But that’s not the point; it was only to clear out the image of an old madwoman from your minds 😀

I have seen so many people who are single, yet happy in their lives. Those are the ones who have made sure that their families are in perfect conditions. And the ones who fall in the hell-hole are the ones who kick out their parents when they are old enough, and think that they can challenge anything.

Some tell me that love makes you powerful; it can give you the strength to overcome anything.


No honey, it does not make you powerful. It is delusional; you just think you are powerful. And as for the overcome-anything-that-happens crap, well, that is so not the case. You overcome anything not because you have strength, but because you get selfish. You face hardships so that when it’s over, you might get something good.

So, on the contrary, love makes you selfish, and delusional. In fact, you then are no better than a mental person locked in a padded cell who thinks he/she is perfectly sane.

There are things and moments in your life that set the path on which you are headed. Sometimes, they are subtle, happy and peaceful.

Others may be rough, violent and cause us pain. But in the end, after we have faced everything, that is when we realized who we actually are.

And we just cannot do it unless we don’t see ourselves clearly. And honey, you can’t do it if you worry about some other jerk more than yourself! 😉

Get a grip, take control. Kick out all futile thoughts.

There are so many things to do instead! Life’s so pretty once you take out those smudgy glasses 🙂

Have a wonderful day!




5 thoughts on “Ever Fallen In Love? Who, me? Naah.

  1. Yes, hanging out with friends is better than running after that blockhead in hopes of feeling better about yourself. Because that blockhead obviously doesn’t love you. 😉

    Love should make you selfless, not selfish.

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