Me? like you? No, gracias.

Hi again!
I know I don’t quite fit in with anyone’s idea of a naïve, soft-spoken teenage girl, but I can’t really blame them. It’s just who I am. And if I’m not what I am, I’m nothing.

I would like to explain myself a little more implicitly with an incident. Here is a picture of a Quetzal.

Suppose I am the Quetzal. Strong, independent but just the same as everyone. There is nothing really flashy, or say, striking about me.
And here is a white peacock.

This gorgeous bird here depicts the so-called ‘Elite’ clan of the community [who are a real pain, if you ask me]. Every human has a tendency to envy or admire [depending upon how bored you are with your own life] the ones who are more prosperous than themselves.
The Quetzal wants to become like the peacock. She wants to flaunt herself, and gain the same attention as the peacock. But, won’t she become sort of a clone of the peacock then? Needless to say, she most certainly would.
And that’s my whole point. I am the quetzal, with no intention of impersonating the white bird that everyone longs for just to amuse themselves momentarily. I would rather be the one with no class, than being someone with no life.

Oh, and yeah, I still strongly stand by everything I’ve said. I am sort of allergic to people who pretend, and it makes my nose twitch when people brag on about their bogus romances.
I live life for people who deserve me and my company [or those who are the main reason for my existence, like my mother].

I live, I believe and I do. Life is good when it is simple! 😉

Snigdha 🙂

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