Aún te amo, después de todo.

The translation of the title in Spanish is “I still love you, after all.”

Again, I would like to enlighten yourself about how bogus love is. I know you must be thinking what kind of soon-to-be-sixteen-years-old girl would talk about love as ‘idiotic’ and ‘fake’? Believe me, had you seen life the way I have, you’ll completely agree with me.

So, how many of us saw the Royal Wedding? Most of us did, I’m certain. And while watching it, I must admit, even I for a second thought that maybe, just maybe love does exist. Perhaps I’m far too prejudiced to let it reach me. . . . . .

“Having second thoughts, are you?” my conscience reminded me immediately, and I snapped out of the illusion; like an elastic band recoiling.

Love? Real? NO WAY.

After my earlier note “Gone With The Storm” I received mixed responses from people who read it. Many of them supported me with what I thought, and some denied my point of view. The people who denied it were the ones who had a boyfriend or girlfriend who brainwash them now and then; so their opinion wasn’t very reliable.

The other group was quite interesting, so to say. Some were heartbroken, so I could completely understand why they ‘hated’ love. But I’m pretty sure they don’t really believe in themselves; their opinion will change as soon as some jerk comes along to make a fool of themselves.

A friend of mine [who is considerably beautiful and intelligent] surprised me with her answer. She said, “No matter how much you think it’s right, it isn’t. Wait until love itself gets down on its knees in front of you to beg for mercy.”

And that is what I’m talking about! I mean, why is everyone so eager to enter the last legal form of slavery? Why don’t you just enjoy life the normal way?

I mean, I’m sure there are a zillion things you have to do, right? Take care of yourself, fulfill your responsibilities and if you are out of things to do, then read old newspapers!

But don’t, and please do not fall in love! Because when you fall in love, no one is going to catch you. It’s like a Chinese mobile: NO GUARANTEE. But even after knowing the damage it can do, people keep falling in the hell hole, no idea why. I mean, wasn’t one Romeo-Juliet enough? Who cares, right? Come, trample over us, mangle with our feelings, and we won’t say a damn thing!

And and, before you start thinking of me as someone who hates love just because she didn’t get it; I would like to clear out your mind.

I don’t hate love because I haven’t experienced it; I hate it because I know it never does good to anyone. Romeo and Juliet died, for crying out loud!

And also, when we don’t know who to hate, we end up hating ourselves. And to avoid that situation, I have identified my enemies, only one actually.

So, until next time, I am waiting for your responses. Do reply 🙂




8 thoughts on “Aún te amo, después de todo.

  1. First of all, you write very well for such a young girl! Bravo! I agree with you about not being in a rush to be in love. We seem to push romantic relationships on children at a younger and younger age.

    However, real love does a world of good. It’s only that the world has so few instances of it. Ghandi loved his people and made sacrifices for them. Jesus loved the world so much that He died for it.

    You are right about love being slavery. It also thinks of someone else first, and that is a big commitment. Love is something that is done, not necessarily fallen into. You fall into a trap. You chose love.

    Here’s hoping that you continue on your path to finding out about what “true love” is.

    • Thank you 🙂
      I agree, but here in I only refer to the romantic kind of love, which sadly has turned into a cultural cliche. I certainly do not question the Lord’s love, or the love our parents give us.
      That love is genuine, I believe through and through.

      And yes, we fall into a trap. but sometimes, when it is not the right person, love DOES resemble a trap, doesn’t it?

      Thank you so much. It means a great deal to me 🙂

  2. You do sound like a typical Indian teen girl,i have been there :P….and well,girl,love is for real…if you stopbuilding walls around yourself…and theres def more to love than mere ‘girlfriend-boyfriend’ thing!!!considering only romantic love is unfair…but im guessing with time,youll realise it yourself…its sometimes better to be sorry than play it safe all the time…i mean no ones life is perfect…but everyones’ is beautiful for sure! try dropping the shields someday…

    • Hi!
      First of all, thanks for reading the post. 🙂
      The thing you said about me being a ‘typical Indian girl’ is a first. As a general rule, girls here believe all the crap they are told or they see about love. And yeah, I get it that there’s more to love than having a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but you tell me, how many of the ‘real love’ do you see around yourself? Not many, I’m sure.
      It’s just a hoax; something that existed earlier, sure, but now is just some sort of a make-believe story.
      yeah, I’m sure my life is beautiful, and so is everyone else’s. And it does not necessarily involve a romantic partner, does it?

      Again, thank you 🙂

  3. Muskaan says:

    hey i like the way the post is composed….and its true in some way but false in the other way…its not necessary that love always fails….! most of the time it blossoms into something which is the most beautiful thing you have ever imagined!

    We should love but at the same time love only 1 and not many!! coz it can lead 2 disaster !!! 😛

    nice post…! well composed! 😀

  4. “The people who denied it were the ones who had a boyfriend or girlfriend who brainwash them now and then; so their opinion wasn’t very reliable.”

    Well, though I disagreed with your point of view, I have never in my life had a boyfriend. I don’t even hang out with boys. I don’t believe in casual dating because real love isn’t casual. When I date, it will be with the hopes that I will marry this man.

    And, you know, I totally understand your aversion to marriage. Marriage is not dream-come-true fluff, you’re right. Like I said in my last comment, it’s hard work. I’m seventeen and marriage does not appeal to me, because I know I’m not ready to give up enjoying the life I know.

    But I hope to marry in the future. I will grow up, and in about five years from now, I hope to be ready. And if I work hard enough, if I choose wisely without rushing into things, I won’t mind that I’m giving up my previous life. I will enjoy my new life more.

    Why am I so sure of this? Because accomplishing things makes happiness. That’s how life works. True happiness isn’t about just breezing through life and enjoying it, it’s about working on things and overcoming obstacles. When you work for something, you appreciate it much more. Life without work might be pleasant, but life with work is glorious.

    • See, you’re case here is the type I have openly admired in my posts. I have absolutely no objection about people falling in love, and getting married at all. It’s just that they should MEAN it, and not do it because everyone else is.

      I agree accomplishing things make happiness even better, and you are totally correct. It just seems you misunderstood me.
      I don’t hate love; I hate the pretense of it.

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