Gone With The Storm

“The greatest prize of loving someone is to be loved in return.”

Now who believes that? Which sane person, with all his mental faculties not ruined by the mumbo-jumbo about ‘first love’ would give in to such flamboyant and equally bogus thoughts? Not one, I guarantee.

Seriously now, what is it that is so fascinating about love? When asked this question, people come with such overrated answers that it suddenly feels like you are going to puke.

“It is so natural!”

–“You have someone who will just die for you if they have to.”

— “I just cannot live without my girlfriend! I love her more than life!”

I mean, come one! Can you even hear yourself? I can prove all these answers wrong.

One, love is not natural. Why would Lord himself teach us such idiotic things? We just force ourselves to think that it is supposed to happen because we are so damn desperate for someone who can make us feel better about ourselves.

Two, he or she, the person who claims to ‘die’ for you, is lying. They will certainly not die for you, no matter how ‘deep’ you think your love is. On the contrary, they won’t mind killing you if it helps them.

Three, you can easily live without useless pain and arrogant fools in your life. And there is nothing, and absolutely nothing that is more important than life. I mean, how can you afford to give away your life for someone who doesn’t care a dime, and let down your parents who brought you up without complaining about the hardships they went through? Hence, proved.

Love is not what we think it is. It is just a stupid feeling or rather, a myth, that we believe in because we get bored with ourselves, and we think involving another idiot would help in any way. And when that same person ignores you, it is not the gentle breeze of acceptance that touches you, it is the violent storm of rejection and denial that blows you away. And once mangled, it becomes almost impossible to fix that stupid piece of flesh called ‘heart’ that we carry inside ourselves.

And then you end up all alone, writhing in pain you demanded for yourself, without anyone by your side. That’s when you realize you should have waited for the right person, the right time, and the right place before you jumped in what you thought was ‘roman parfait’ or ‘perfect romance’.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, right? 😉

And if you don’t get what I just blabbered, you should listen to ‘Ever Fallen In Love‘ by Stiff Dylans. Maybe it’ll help to clear out your mind. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Gone With The Storm

  1. You know, I think it’s not love that you hate. In this world, people have relationships in high school, even in elementary school, for goodness’ sake! That’s not love. That’s not love, because with those relationships, they’re all about the present. Real love isn’t about the present. People who truly love each other want to spend their lives together. Believe it or not, there are plenty of very happy marriages out there, because those people got it right.

    I’m not saying high school loves can never work, because there is always the rare case where it does work. But in general, I think high school relationships are not a good idea. Just as you’ve said in this post, you’re most likely setting yourself up for a heartbreak when you get into one of those. Why? Because love requires maturity. You have to know how to compromise, how to respect, how to be considerate. Love takes a lot of work. But the reward, if the work is done, is a beautiful relationship with both husband and wife happy. And you know what? When a relationship doesn’t work out, it’s a sign that the person needs to grow up, stop being so self-centered, and WORK. That’s why I said love requires maturity—because a certain level of maturity is necessary to work on oneself. It’s unfortunate that there are some people in this world who never grow up. Hence . . . divorces occur.

    As I’ve said, it appears to me that what you’re writing about here is not real love at all. What you’re writing about is relationships that people want to have without working. And so I can agree with you about everything you’ve said. But love, when you get it RIGHT, is totally different.

    So I believe that quote in the beginning. Because I don’t think it’s talking about the ‘first love’ mumbo-jumbo you mentioned at all.

    • Yeah, I guess you have made quite a point, and surprisingly, I find it right.
      You defined my thoughts in a better and more plausible way. Thanks for that.

      You’re so right: people want everything without growing up, and that’s exactly when one starts believing that okay, maybe it wasn’t ‘meant to be’. that’s idiotic: you have to WORK to get things; they don’t just happen.

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